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for the website of an NGO called Sarvodaya. They help Bangalore citizens with issues regarding stray dogs, and implement the ABC (Animal Birth Control) process instead of killing the dogs.

The mobile no. is 91 98801 19900

The landline is 080- 65340127


There is no political will in Bangalore to permanently solve the issue of stray dogs; though every now and then, there are instances of feral dogs attacking, and sometimes killing, children, BBMP has not taken a single step to curb this menace. Hence, citizens have to look towards NGO’s like this for help.

Snake Shivappa: Snake Rescuer

Here’s a snake catcher in Bangalore city…well-documented and written about by Nishant Ratnakar, in his blog.

Read about Shivappa click here for the post

Nishant adds,
“He goes by the name ‘Snake Shivappa’. If ever you need someone to
rescue snakes in any corner of the city, then get in touch with him.”

As Nishant records,

His real name: Devaraj K S

His occupation: Snake Rescuer

His mobile no. 99808 55720

Area of operations: Any corner of Bangalore City!

So, if you see a snake, do not kill it, or allow it to be killed; please call Snake Shivappa.

Readers can also refer to snake “do’s and don’ts” by herpetologist P Gowrishankar, that I had shared;

click here for the article

Here’s Shivappa, snapped by Nishant Ratnakar:

snake shivappa 120811

Wildlife Workshop by WRRC

WRRC presents “Whispering Wilderness” – a unique education workshop to introduce the concept of bio-diversity and its conservation.

The nine-weekend program starts on April 30th in Bangalore and features expert talks, team building activities, mind control, nature camps, photography and more!

We request you to go through the attached poster and if it interests you, please hurry to register.

About the Program (see attached image Whispering Wilderness 1280×800.jpg)
The program will run for 9 weeks on the weekends. The schedule will be as follows:
Weekend 1: Expert-Talks (2 hours each on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 2: Nature-Camp (full 2 days on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 3: Expert-Talks (2 hours each on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 4: Nature-Camp (full 2 days on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 5: Expert-Talks (2 hours each on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 6: Nature-Camp (full 2 days on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 7: Expert-Talks (2 hours each on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 8: Nature-Camp (full 2 days on Sat and Sun)
Weekend 9: Expert-Talks (2 hours each on Sat and Sun)
The following registration options are available:
a) Pay Rs. 2150 to enroll for all the Expert-Talks.
b) Pay Rs. 2150 per Nature-Camp. (There is no restriction if a participant wants to enroll for multiple Nature-Camps)
c) Pay Rs. 6000 to enroll for the comprehensive package – all Expert-Talks and 2 Nature-Camps of participant’s choice
The Expert-Talks will be held in Bangalore city at a convenient venue. Refreshments and reading material will be covered. Nature-Camps, will obviously be in the forest areas. Accommodation, travel, food and forest guide’s expenses will be covered.
How to Register? (see attached file Whispering Wilderness Registration Form.pdf)
Please find attached the registration form. The filled in forms with the payment and photo should be sent to:
Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
‘Southern Cross’
9-A, Myrtle Lane
Richmond Town
Bangalore 560025
Payment can be done by cheque or DD drawn in favor of WRRC. All donations to WRRC are exempt for Income Tax (IT) under section 80G of the IT Act.
Hope this is convenient. It would be great if you can inform us after dispatching the envelope so that we can track it.
The receipt for the same will be handed over to you on the first day of the program. You can use the receipt for IT purposes.
Please feel free to call Rohit Agarwal at +919986304088 for any questions.

About WRRC

The Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Center was founded in 2000, in response to the need of small wild mammals, birds and reptiles found in the city byway of confiscation, injury or orphaned. It is the sister organization of CUPA. Around 500 wild animals and birds are received by the wildlife center atBannerghatta every year. Handled by dedicated staff and veterinarians, these precious wild animals and birds need careful monitoring, specialized diets,treatments and knowledgeable handling so that they can be released in their habitats in the wild, where they belong. We consider this an important center for the city, since it helps to sustain and protect Bangalore’s depleting wildlife. WRRC also helps to raise awarenesson conservation isssues and the need to protect the environment. Legal action, research on elephants in captivity, and changing public attitudes tocruelties and abuse on wild animals has been an important mandate for us.
Both CUPA and WRRC are registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India. They have Income Tax exemption for all donations in India and charity status in the United Kingdom. They are registered as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organizations in the United States.

First a word of caution – the photographs I have used in this post may be disturbing. If you want to put a comment, hit End button on the keyboard so that you do not get to see the photographs. I have kept enough gap between the text, Images and the comment section so that you do not get to see the photographs if you don’t want to. However if you feel you can see the pain please go through the photographs.

After spending a lovely Saturday Birding at Manchanabele Dam I decided to go to KRUPA, the animal shelter which I usually go on Sundays. Since I was missing it for two Sundays, I decided to go there on my way back from Manchanabele Dam to home.

I bought some bread on the way and after feeding I moved to the kennel area and was shocked to see the dog in very first kennel. There was no flesh on left face of this dog. The eye was popping out, there was nothing surrounding the eye and it was just stuck there by its base, from the jaw to the eye to the ear, it was all open. While I am writing I can still see his face very clearly in front of my eyes. It’s now been 3 days and that scene is still fresh in my mind. I felt as if I turned into a stone. I was standing there without knowing how to react. And this sweet little guy was wagging his tail. The scene was dreadful. I had to turn back to recompose myself and the next thing which I see is that this guy is bleeding profusely from the jaw area. It was dropping all over the place and he was licking the blood which was falling on the ground. And then the blood was dropping on his legs and he was licking it from the leg and then it started licking it from the shoulder and all over the body. One portion of his body was covered with blood and he was licking it. And there I was standing in front of him with a blocked mind.

It took me a while to realize what was happening and I immediately called the care takers. I was told that some one threw acid on his face. I have heard such incidents happening with people but this was the first time I heard and saw something like this. This dogs condition was really really bad. It was becoming difficult for me to look at him. In the meanwhile they started the treatment and he was given some milk to drink. After the dressing the bleeding stopped and he lied down to rest.

I fail to understand how can one person behave like this. It’s not only about this incident which disturbs me. I fail to understand how can two brothers who have spend the childhood together under the same roof can be become so distant to hate each other. I fail to understand how can one force someone’s kid to work in their house, exploiting them to the fullest, while giving all the possible comforts to their own child. How can one turn a blind eye to the increasing level of pollution, the changing environment, degrading life style, others coming and making their establishments in our country to make money, all these big brands cheating us just by putting money big time in marketing and advertising creating a virtual value out of nothing. The list is just endless and there are just too many unanswered questions.

Who is responsible for all what is happening around us? We. We are the most superior species on the earth who have got the intelligence to excel. We have multiplied manyfold and have put this immense pressure on limited resources. We have put animals, birds, trees out of their place. If you can’t be good to others at least be neutral and do no harm. How can someone just throw acid on a dog and leave it to die. How can one be so insensitive, so inhuman. What is our education system and the governing/ruling bodies doing? Everything seems to be going in a wrong direction and we still say that we are developing.

We are nothing but the meanest species on earth. People say they love kids, but the fact is that they do not love kids, rather they love only their kids. There is a sense of ME in it. It’s my kid. They’ll do anything for their kids because they are their kids. People do not love dogs. They love only their dogs. MY dog. Everything revolves around ME and I.

It’s very disturbing to think about this. Is this the case only with people in Bangalore, or this happens universally. I’ll leave it on you to decide. But I was very disappointed that day. I can not explain in words what I was going through while standing there and what how was I feeling emotionally.

I’ll leave you with some images of what I saw.



Does he deserves this?

Does he deserves this?

Licking the blood on his body

Licking the blood on his body


After medication

After medication


Cleaning the blood

Cleaning the blood





Krupa – A Place for animal lovers

My Home

Yes, this is home to many injured, ill stray animals and abondened pets.

Most of the animals here are either abandoned or came for treatment and never found a home. They are available for adoption. I have seen that utmost care is taken to hand over the animals to right people, or else they are more than happy to keep them at KRUPA. You will be greated at the gate by dogs barks, and you can play with a bunch of energetic animals.

All these animals mostly dogs are vaccinated, sterilized, and healthy. They are provided with medical treatment, boarding and rehabilitation.
I have seen many animals who have now become a permanent resident of KRUPA and now enjoy the wide open space available to play. The way they are taken care of is just superb.

All animals are very friendly and eager to meet people. You can go their to spend some time, as these abandoned animals crave for love.

In case you find an animal needing help you can call KRUPA. You can also donate medicines, animal food like biscuits, hay, vegetables, rice, spend some time with the animals at the shelter – Lake Road, Kengeri Satellite Town, Bangalore.

Some of the moments captured!

What's there?

Lovely, isin't it?









Getting well now

Choosing his target







Enjoying the evening sun

Enjoying the evening sun


RelaxingA lot of them

Food Time


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